12th Capo d'Orso International ACP Open (30 May-6 June 2020)


Frequently asked questions

  1. Generali

Indeed so, with the sole exception of the smaller room where the top boards play when we have more than 100 players (which however is the norme in Porto Mannu).
Both the main playing hall and the toilets are completely accessible.

Also, please note that we have a long tradition of helping our disabled chess friends, so that if you really want to make it to the top boards we will simply take you up there. One way or another!

Of course not, but we definitely recommend you do.

Porto Mannu is a private bay lying some 5 kilometers from the first town. In between, there’s nothing: just the sea, the land and the sun (and of course the famous Rock of the Bear). There is no public transportation from Palau to Porto Mannu.

Also, two of the strongpoints of the tournament are the natural beauty of Porto Mannu and the very special atmosphere that is created between Grand Masters and Grand Amateurs at night, when we all meet in front of the bar that dominates the bay. If you choose to lodge away from Porto Mannu (where you can have all of three abundant meals and an independent apartment for a mere 63 euro/day/person), you also choose to lose all this.

Last but not least, consider this: The International Chess Open Capo d'Orso is held thanks to the generosity of the owners and managers of rhe Residence Hotel Porto Mannu. By lodging in Porto Mannu, you help the tournament to survive. Isn’t this an excellent reason to stay with us?

The names on the list are the names of the people that completed the entry procedure and paid their dues.

The only way to secure yourself a spot in the tournament is to pay your entry fee. If you do so by credit card, your name will be immediately published on the list. If you prefer a bank transfer, you will first have to inform us that you issued your payment. We will publish your name once the bank confirms that your moneys have arrived.

We do this in your own interest: you will never read a name of a player who is 'thinking about coming to Porto Mannu'. All players on the list already confirmed their participation!

Yes, of course. We do have a small bar in the playing hall, offering coffee, sweets and drinks. 

However, we do not sell water. Tradition has it that water is free during the round...

  1. Raggiungere Porto Mannu

You should budget 65 euro if you book in advance through Residence Hotel Porto Mannu and more than 80 if you hop on the first car upon arrival.

The nearest airport, and the only one we invite you to fly into, is Olbia-Costa Smeralda.
Porto Mannu can be reached from the Olbia Airport da dall'Aeroporto di Olbia either by taxi (approximately 65 euro if booked through the hotel) or by taking a bus up to Palau and then a taxi for the last five kilometers.

You will fin many low cost flights to Alghero. We do not recommend that you fly into Alghero. Please note that there are is no public service between Alghero and Palau, and that driving will cost you at least two hours on rather unpleasant roads. You should only consider flying into Alghero if you plan to rent a car and if you are a good driver.

Both the sea port and the airport are connected to Palau by public bus lines. The tickest costs approximately 5 euro. Once in Palau you will need to catch a taxi anyways to go to Porto Mannu (cost should be around 10 euro).

You might find some useful information by clicking on the links below:


Certamente no.Definitely not.
Alghero is a two hours drive from Porto Mannu, and a taxi can cost as much as 200 euro. Consider flying into Alghero only if:
1. you plan to rent a car; and
2. you can make it in time for the first round.